WhatFont Extension Identifies Fonts Within Safari for iPad

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I actually haven’t made as much use of in-app extensions as I thought I would. That’s because I hadn’t realized what kind of limitations Apple would place on them (e.g. there’s only so much leeway to customize the look of an extension). However, I am installing cool utilities every time I come across them, simply because it’s so easy to tuck them away into a single folder. WhatFont, which I learned about through MacStories, is definitely one of those little tools I’m downloading for a rainy day.

Once WhatFont was installed, all I had to do was activate its extension by tapping on the Share menu in Safari. After that it was as simple as highlighting text on a cool website (like iPad Insight) and then tapping on WhatsFont in the Share menu. That’s how I found out that our site font renders using Helvetica Neue.

I also tested the extension on iA.net, and it correctly reported that their site uses Nitti iA (which I know to be true, since half of iA’s articles are about fonts — which I love).

I don’t think WhatFont is going to be used all that often on my iPad, but it’s definitely a fun utility to have at-the-ready in the Share menu, and you can’t argue with Free.


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