Where’s Skype for iPad?

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About a month ago I posted on reports from CNET and elsewhere that the Skype for iPad app was due out very soon, within just days was the expectation.

Now it’s a month later and there’s still no Skype for iPad in the App Store. I wonder what the holdup is. Maybe Apple rejected it and Skype need to make some changes, or perhaps some bugs were discovered at the last minute and Skype themselves postponed the release.

Whatever the cause of the delay, it would be great to see it resolved and see Skype’s iPad version hit the App Store. Because of its cross-platform support, Skype is still a far more useful app than FaceTime. Soon it may have some stiff competition though – if Google+ releases an iPad app with the popular Hangout feature enabled.

What’s your favorite VOIP / video chat app on the iPad?

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