Whoa, Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me There’s a Sons of Anarchy iPad App?

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Sons o fAnarchy iPad app

So this morning I was browsing through recent iPad app updates and I see one for an iPad / iOS app called Sons of Anarchy. At first I thought this one must be in the wrong category, labeled as an update but actually a new release. I couldn’t possibly have missed an app about one of my top, top favorite TV shows. Except I did – it’s apparently been in the App Store since November of last year.

I’m a huge fan of Sons of Anarchy, can’t wait for the upcoming new season in September – so of course I’ve been checking out the iPad app a bit today, and liking it a lot.

Sons o fAnarchy iPad app

For starters, it’s hard not to like the brief introduction within the app itself, from the creator of the series, Kurt Sutter:

What follows is an insider’s glimpse of the SOA mythology from Charming to Belfast. The MC history, character backstory and the details of the large narrative arcs my writers and I draw upon to create the show. I think you’ll dig it. If not, what the hell, it was only a buck.

There is a good amount of content (blog posts and the like) from Sutter himself within the app – and it makes for great reading.

There’s already one short, sneak peek video appisode and a handful of other appisodes with text and images.

Sons o fAnarchy iPad app

The backstory elements are really interesting to go through – they fill in some of the detail that hasn’t fit into the episodes and help answer questions you might have if you’ve been watching the show over its initial three seasons. Topics like ‘Why is Belfast relevant’, the beliefs and value system that SAMCRO had, and how the club got into the gun trade are covered.

Sons of Anarchy app for iPad

And there are some excellent character profile pages on all the main Belfast-based characters from Season 3 of SOA.


This update version of the app (Version 2.0.0) is said to have AirPlay video support, but I cannot get that to work so far.

If you’re a fan of Sons of Anarchy, you’re definitely going to want to take a look at this app, while we’re all awaiting the new season starting September 6.

Here’s an App Store link for Sons of Anarchy; it’s priced at $0.99 and is a universal app designed for both iPad and iPhone.

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2 thoughts on “Whoa, Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me There’s a Sons of Anarchy iPad App?”

  1. Glad to hear there’s another SOA fan. The app is really great, just like the show. Be sure & read Kurt’s blog, sutterink.blogspot.com. He’s really open & honest and it’s a real treat for fans.

  2. Oh My God! I am also BIG fan of this show and never new about this application since today. Thanks a million buddy for adding this blog. I owe you :D

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