Why Doesn’t iMovie on iPad Have Any ‘Open In’ Options?

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iMovie on the iPad is an impressive app, a great example of how far off all the ‘it’s just a consumption device’ arguments are. It also has some issues though – or at least some quirks that are taking me a while to figure out. I’ve been using it and getting to know it a bit over the last few days – and there are a few headaches I’ve run into.

I’ll try to do a roundup post on some iMovie issues / questions sometime soon. In the meantime, here’s one of my first ones:

Does iMovie not support the iOS ‘Open In’ feature at all? Or if it does, why is it not offered as a choice anywhere that I can see so far? The screencap above shows a .mov file (a format that iMovie handles) as an email attachment. When I try to use Open In on .mov files on the iPad 2 I get some choices, but none of them are iMovie. And this is a .mov file saved out of QuickTime Player on my MacBook Pro. The same file happily syncs via iTunes and plays in the Videos app on the iPad 2. It can even be added to a project in iMovie *if* I first import it to iPhoto on the desktop and sync with the iPad 2 (more on that soon).

So why no ‘Open In’ option?

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