Why no iPad Love for the Apple Store App?

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Apple’s own Apple Store app for the iPhone is a very useful one. Here’s a few of the cool things you can do with it:

– Buy products on the go and pick them up at your favorite Apple Retail Store, or have them shipped to your door.
– Personalize an iPad or an iPod with free engraving, plus get signature gift wrapping for select Apple products.
– Buy an iPhone with just a few taps.*
– While in an Apple Store, quickly purchase accessories on your own with EasyPay (requires iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S)
– Request help, check in for reservations, and meet up with a Specialist at the store.
– Make Genius Bar and One to One reservations and sign up for workshops and events.

I’ve used it to book Genius appointments (much better than calling and waiting on hold forever) and even to order iOS devices leading up to or soon after launch – as it is often faster and better than Apple’s online store at those sort of peak times.

But … as my friend Dan Cohen recently pointed out in a Gear Diary article, it has one very surprising weak point at the moment: there’s no iPad version.

So on the iPad you not only have to run in the lame pixel-doubled mode, but you also get the ‘Nope, I Don’t Do Landscape Mode’ effect when running it.

This feels like the App Store equivalent of one of those Monday Night Football pre-game show ‘Comon Man’ entries. Comon Apple – make this a universal app!

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One thought on “Why no iPad Love for the Apple Store App?”

  1. I found a way to get the Apple sore app working perfectly (except it still does the nope i dont go landscape thing). Your device MUST be jailbroken for this. First download RetinaPad from Cydia. Once installed, go into settings, find RetinaPad, go into Enabled apps and select Apple Store.
    Next, download FullForce HD (if you cant find it look for fullforce for ipad). Once installed, look for FullForce in settings. Enable Apple Sore in its enabled apps. Now, go into the apple store app and it should look like a full ipad app (except it wont go landscape)!

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