Why You Can Never Have Too Much iPad Storage

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With both the original iPad and the iPad 2 I have opted for 64GB WiFi + 3G models. Partly because I want to be able to review and write about every aspect of the device, partly because I want it to be always connected, and also because I think you can never have too much space on a device you love to use.

When doing a sync today, I was a little stunned to notice that I now have 12.5GB worth of apps, outweighing even the space taken up by photos and music on my iPad 2. I’ve currently got 166 apps on the iPad 2. Now admittedly some of these are apps I will review or assess for possible review and then get rid of; but I also do fairly regular trimming of rarely used apps and generally hover somewhere around this number of installed apps. When I finished today’s sync I was down to around 25GB of free space. Still a large amount, but with half that amount currently taken up by installed apps I am very glad I opted to go with 64GB model.

How are you doing on apps and storage space on your iPads? How many apps installed? How much free space?

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8 thoughts on “Why You Can Never Have Too Much iPad Storage”

  1. 16 GB WIFI – 468 Photos, 77 Apps, 0 songs, 0 videos – 6.5 GB Free Space.
    32 GB iPhone – 444 Photos, 28 Apps, 76 songs, 2 videos – 25.6 GB Free

    Admittedly I’m trying to keep my iPad and iPhone clear of garbage. I could easily fill both of them and still not have everything I could imagine wanting.

    1. Wow, you’re really doing well on space management. I’m pretty good at it on my iPhone, but on the iPad I’m glad to have more of my ‘stuff’ on board. :)

  2. I went with the 16 GB iPad 2 when I decided to pay the extra money and get the 3G model. I am having a little bit of buyers remorse due to the space constraints now, though. I have been planing to sell mine and get a white one anyway, so I will probably just go ahead and upgrade to the 32 GB model then. My 16 GB is looking pretty full right now.

    1. Yeah, you had a heck of a tough time finding one on launch day if I remember right – so choices were tougher and more limited. Sounds like a good plan on the upgrade – you should get a great price for your 16GB if it’s in great condition.

  3. I have the 32GB 3G iPad 1. I have 1,603 songs, 16 videos (3 full length films), 1,515 photos and 149 apps. I only have 4.5 GB of space left. That’s all the music, vids and songs I own, so I don’t anticipate that being a problem. If I add any significant number of additional applications, I’ll have to start trimming. As it is, I’ve only deleted one or two apps because they were stupid and none for lack of use.

    1. Ha. That’s some darn good usage of the space, lots of good content and apps. Sounds like your next gen might want to be a 64GB though. :)

  4. I have the 16gb version and I currently have 0 songs, 3 small videos, 164 picture and 161 Apps, that leave me with 1,6 gb free. I use spotify for music and air video for streaming video, and i use dropbox and homepipe to access my dedicated server for the iPad :)

    For my use I think the space is enough due to I got a lot more apps than I really need, but surely I see the benefits of having more space as that would keep the maintenance down, but as I love the iPad the maintenance gives me a little joy as well;)

    1. Impressive use you’re getting out of that 16GB. Dropbox and Homepipe are two great services.

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