Wired Magazine Coming to the iPad This Summer

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Wired Magazine Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson announced at the Technology, Entertainment and Design conference on Friday that the publication would be releasing its content for the iPad by summer.

Great stuff.  I am looking forward to getting back into reading newspapers and magazines on the iPad, as it’s something I do more and more rarely with printed publications of this kind.  And Wired is just the sort of magazine that strikes me as lending itself very well to the iPad as a publishing medium,

It should be an ideal title for taking advantage of some of the multimedia power of the iPad.

Here are some more details from Wired’ own piece on this subject that caught my eye:

“I’m from the media world,” Anderson told the audience “and as you may have heard, we have lots of questions about our future. The good news is I think we found part of the answer…. We think this is a game changer.”

Anderson said the iPad allows periodicals for the first time to do digital content with all of the same values and artistic range that are the hallmark of print magazines. Wired Creative Director Scott Dadich worked with Jeremy Clark from Adobe (above) over the last six months to design the Wired iPad Magazine.

The number of smart people who use the ‘game changer’ term when talking about the iPad seems to me to be increasing at a rapid rate lately.  It’s also quite interesting to see someone from Adobe – makers of Flash – collaborating on designs for a device that banishes Flash.

… Clark moved smoothly through pages, horizontally and vertically. Readers can sift through the contents horizontally and when they find an article they want to read, touch and drag their finger on the first page vertically to browse through the pages up and down. They can also turn the device horizontally to take advantage of the automatically-rotating display to view two pages side by side like a magazine and zoom out to see thumbnails of the content all at once.

The device allows for integrated media so readers can read a product review and touch a photo to jump into a video of the product. Advertisements can also be interactive. Clark touched a Camaro ad to flip the car around 360 degrees.

This sort of talk really gets me excited about how cool the magazine reading experience is going to be on the iPad.  It really seems as if it’s going to combine some of what we like most in a printed publication while adding levels of interactivity that have never been possible before.

Among the other advantages: Wired magazine print readers pay $40 in Canada and a whopping $70 for other international addresses. Anderson said nothing of pricing, but a digital subscription would likely be considerably less.

I’m pretty sure not many iPad users will argue with lower subscription pricing. :)

Anyone else psyched to see Wired on the iPad?  What are some of your favorite newspapers / magazines you are looking forward to seeing on the device?

Source: Wired via everythingiCafe

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