WIRED Magazine for iPad Updated with Retina Support for New iPad

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Wired for iPad

WIRED Magazine for iPad has been updated yesterday, to Version 3.7. The single, headline change in this update is support for the new iPad’s retina display – starting with the April 2012 issue.

So the good news here is of course that one of the best iPad magazine titles now supports the incredible new retina display. I downloaded the April issue earlier and it looks better than ever. Wired is one of my favorite iPad magazines, and one of the very few I subscribe to, so it’s great to see it updated for the retina display.

The not so good news is that just as expected, the issue size for the new issue with retina support has grown quite a lot. The March Issue of Wired on the iPad weighed in at 366MB. The April issue, the first with retina support, is 533MB. That’s a pretty substantial increase – especially as Wired issue sizes had come down a bit last year from their early enormous sizes. Now they’re going in the opposite direction again.

I hope that the publishers of Wired and other iPad magazine and newspaper titles are working hard at not just adding retina support but also finding ways to control and reduce their issue sizes. It will certainly be interesting to see how this plays out in coming months.

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2 thoughts on “WIRED Magazine for iPad Updated with Retina Support for New iPad”

  1. The expanding girth on apps and products like virtual mags is certainly one of the reasons I’m in no great hurry to ‘upgrade’ from my iPad 2. In fact, I’m watching updates on my current apps for any unnecessary bloat to accommodate retina features I can’t take advantage of – and I guess if it gets excessive, I’ll look at pruning my current apps down and/or cut back on future purchases.

    The problem here is that not only are users being affected by these larger files (on devices with no expandability), but it’s the user who is paying for the download, be it via data, on wi-fi or just in time.

    With retina-supported products soon be the norm, it may be that it’s time that Apple look at some sort of compression / decompression facility at their servers and on the iDevices themselves.

  2. Might be useful to know….because I had downloaded the April 2012 issue before they had released it for retina display, I had to uninstall wired and then redownload it from the app store and then tell it to not restore my purchases and then re download the April issue and I now have a retina version of the magazine

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