Wired Magazine iPad Edition Is Out Now

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Wired Magazine for iPad

The iPad edition of Wired Magazine has hit the App Store.

This is one of the most anticipated apps for the iPad.  It’s the ultimate science and tech magazine finally in a truly digital form – soon to be available ‘for nearly all other tablets’, and available right now for the iPad.

Here is some of the description and details on the debut issue’s content from its App Store page:

Download WIRED and be the first to experience this groundbreaking magazine with exclusive iPad content. Go behind the scenes of Pixar’s Toy Story 3. Spin our interactive Mars map to see the human impact on the Red Planet. Hang out in the recording studio with Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor. See the greatest special effects in modern film—all in one reel. It’s the WIRED vision of how technology is changing the world—and it’s only on the iPad.

In the June issue of WIRED, you’ll find:

• The inside scoop on how a commando team rescues hostages, how Cheetos are made, and how great jokes get written.
• The definitive guide to gardening for geeks.
• The story of Charles Komanoff, whose spreadsheet could eliminate traffic jams.
• The best new LED TVs, tested and rated.

You’ll also get more iPad extras like:

• A video journey aboard a real Con Air flight.
• A behind-the-scenes tour of a biobank—a warehouse of frozen medical tissue samples.
• Expanded slide shows, video, music, and more

I’ll try to get a review up later today.  The short story is, it’s excellent.  I’ve already spent an hour or so browsing Wired – and so far it is just as cool as I thought it might be when I first started seeing demos of the iPad edition.  Sharply designed, interactive, and full of the great content mix we’re used to from Wired.

You can find Wired Magazine in the App Store now, priced at $4.99 for this first June edition.

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6 thoughts on “Wired Magazine iPad Edition Is Out Now”

  1. I agree, it looks awesome but come on $5 an issue! It only costs $10 for an entire subscription for the year in print… I would like to read it too on my iPad but after you read it once, you'll never read it again. For $4.99 I can buy an awesome game or utility and use it over again. I was disappointed about the pricing :(

  2. I agree completely with Frank. I am personally refusing to download any media that is priced at a large premium to print cost, wheter it is WSJ or magazines. I feel they need to have a reasonable annual subscription, for me that would be approx $2/issue for mags and $2/week for daily news. Hopefully I am not alone and we will see publishers reduce their prices.

  3. I agree that the price seems very steep. The editor's letter does mention that they will be bringing a 'variety of versions and ways to subscribe' over the next few months. Let's hope those options include some better value as compared to print and online content.

  4. I was very excited about this mag. However, I agree, no way to $5 a pop. Make it on par with the print subscriptions costs and this is a no brainer, they'll find their subscriber count soon out-strips the print. But this concept of making these things cost twice or more what the print edition subscription costs is insane. It's frustrating enough that it makes me want to quit visiting the web site too. It seems like they think people interested in their magazine are idiot.

    PS: written from my iPad while perusing all the great content that is free to me from all over the web, and probably funded by advertising – like this great blog! That's just fine by me.

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