WSJ Live Is The Wall Street Journal’s Latest iPad App

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WSJ Live for iPad

WSJ Live is a new iPad app from The Wall Street Journal. It offers live and on-demand video from the Wall Street Journal’s 2,000 reports around the world.

Here are its key features:

– Tune into LIVE news programming for the latest from Markets, Tech, Opinion and more
– Access the entire video archive of The Wall Street Journal
– Discover the full suite of original programs from The Wall Street Journal in our Guide

I’m not a big follower of financial or markets news, but the WSJ has some good coverage on other topics as well so I’ve been giving this free app a look over the last few days.

In terms of scope of coverage, the sections in the app include: Programs, The Big Interview, US News, World, Business, Markets, Opinion, Tech, Life & Culture, Personal Finance, and more.

WSJ Live for iPad

Although the app’s name includes the word ‘Live’ there seems to be a lot more pre-recorded, recent video content than live content whenever I have looked at it. The videos are mostly from the last three days, including the current day.

The interface of the app is very basic – with just about all navigation possible from within just one main screen. You can tap the main window to pull up the bottom content listing bar and move to any of the sections that interest you. Their Tech section is quite strong. There’s also an All Videos section you can jump to if you want to skip around various sections and topics.

The videos are decent quality – but there is no full-screen toggle for them, no AirPlay support, and audio doesn’t continue in the background if you switch away from the app.

This is an ad-supported app, so there video ads before some of the videos, and dotted throughout the content listings bar.

WSJ Live is a decent app. It’s got links over to the WSJ app – so if you like a bit of a video mix with your daily dose of the WSJ using them in tandem may be a good option (although it would be nice to see some ability to switch nicely back to one when finished with the other).

It could do with some more live options to live up to its name, but the content it does have is strong and recent. It definitely needs to improve its video options in future updates – lack of AirPlay support is a big miss.

Here’s an App Store link for WSJ Live; it’s a free app.

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