WWF Together iPad App Updated: Adds Dolphins

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The WWF Together iPad app was updated this week, to Version 1.5. The big addition in this update is a new animal story – Dolphins.

It’s both exciting and sad to see dolphins added to this superb app. It’s exciting because as always the photos in the new animal story are spectacular and the story helps to draw attention to the threats to the species, but it’s sad to see so many beautiful and impressive creatures are now endangered species.

Overall the experience is always positive with WWF Together though – as it’s a beautiful app supporting a great organization that’s working hard to save these animals. It is a past pick for Best Free iPad App of the Week and a big favorite of mine.

Here’s the other couple items in this update’s change list, and one more dolphin images from the app:

* New species added to the interactive 3D globe
* Performance enhancements


And here’s an App Store link for WWF Together; it’s still a free app.

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