Yahoo Messenger Updated, Adds iPad Support and Video Calling on iPad 2

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Yahoo Messenger was updated this week, to Version 2.1. The major addition is support for audio and video calling on the iPad 2. The changes list also mentions ‘iPad optimized layout’ – I hadn’t used the app prior to yesterday, so I’m not sure if this is just Yahoo-speak for making it a universal app or whether it is already was and has just had its iPad layout enhanced.

Either way, the headline new feature is video calling on the iPad 2. I got a chance to try this out a bit yesterday with my colleague Thomas. We didn’t end up spending a long time with it, because it was a decidedly unimpressive experience.

The app defaults to showing you the person your calling zoomed way, way in – a mega closeup that’s not flattering at all unless you happen to be calling Penelope Cruz. We also found that the audio was very low and hard to hear, even with the volume turned up to maximum on the iPad.

It was essentially nowhere near as good as FaceTime or Skype on the iPad.

With these issues, combined with the fact that I honestly don’t know anyone at all who uses Yahoo Messenger (and I know lots of people who use either Skype or FaceTime or iChat), the Yahoo Messenger app won’t be staying on my iPad 2.

Have any of you tried out video calling with Yahoo Messenger on the iPad 2? If so, what do you think of it?

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2 thoughts on “Yahoo Messenger Updated, Adds iPad Support and Video Calling on iPad 2”

  1. The ui is appalling and confusing. It loses contacts between executions. It says you’re online, but the windows desktop app says the iPad is still offline.

    It’s VILE and was deleted within 10 mins.

  2. Its totally useless, it worked for a coupla days, then it either kept rejecting my password, or aborts the connection as soon as its made. PLEASE FIX IMMEDIATLY!! I would like to use Yahoo away from home but since the app is still very buggy, I had to delete it since it won’t connect!!

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