Ziner RSS Reader for iPad Updated – Lots of Nice Little Improvements

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Ziner RSS Reader iPad app

The Ziner RSS Reader iPad app has had a recent update, to Version 2.2. The update doesn’t offer any huge, attention grabbing new features, but instead a lengthy list of smaller improvements to the app and some useful bug fixes.

I just picked Ziner as our iPad App of the Week a couple of weeks ago, and I think it’s a very good option for keeping up with your RSS feeds on the iPad. While this update doesn’t have any big headline features, it’s full of just the sort of little enhancements that can greatly improve the user experience.

Here’s that lengthy list of changes in this update to Ziner:

New features:
Add magazine mode for iPhone. (Can be turned ON/OFF in Settings -> Use List View)
Add Spanish, Dutch, Turkish localization.
Use Evernote App to handle “Save to Evernote” and now you can save to Evernote when you’re offline.
Support justified text (Settings -> Use justified text)
Enable video inline play for iPhone
Add option to align thumbnails right.
Add ability to reorder 3rd-party services (Setting -> Share to Services -> Drag and drop)
Support pull up at the bottom of an article to exit.
Support alt text for xkcd lovers. (Tap a picture, you’ll see it)
Remember the last article’s reading position when exiting article.
Add option to hide author/date in article view.
Add option to disable confirmation when mark as read
Add share to App.net
Reinvent the navigation bar, now it behaves like Safari for iOS7.
Support slide on article to perform your favorite quick share to option.
Add volunteer translators section in About Ziner
Add notification about syncing status.
Add option to set Default To, CC, BCC, switch Email full/not full article (Settings -> 3rd-Party service -> Email)
Add support for RSS enclosures. Now Ziner can display videos in enclosures.
Enable signing out Buffer (Setting -> 3rd-Party Services -> Buffer)
Add the ability to tap feed name to enter that feed in article view. (Feed name is colored now)
Support automatic cache size management, (Settings -> Cache Setting)
Support show unread count in App icon (can be turned off in Settings -> Show Unread Count in App Icon)
Add option to always show the status bar
Rewrite the embedded web browser, now it supports back/forward/refresh.
Optimise video elements performance, now it’s smooth to scroll in articles with videos in it.
Optimize the rendering speed of the article view.
Sync max articles to 10,000
Remove the fold button in feed menu. Instead, use long press to enter folder and pull up at the bottom to exit.
Enlarge text size customization range.
Increase the contrast of night theme.
Change global tintColor.
Show relative time if it’s less than 3 hours ago.
Change to default title font size to 17 points in list view for iPhone.
Hide settings related to list mode when list mode is disabled.
Bug fixing:
Fix crashes.
Fix some youtube videos failed to play.
Fix setting panel navigation bar transparency bug
Fix sometimes article list goes empty when you are offline.
Fix a bug when you edit feed name, keyboard will overlap the text field.

What’s your favorite RSS reader app for the iPad?

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