Zite for iPad Gets a Huge Update, New Icon

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Zite for iPad

Zite, an intelligent magazine app for the iPad, has had a big recent update – to Version 2.1. The app is touted as an intelligent magazine because it learns from you as you use it. You tell it whether you like or dislike individual articles and which sources you’d like to see more and less from, and it tailors the content it shows you going forward based on those actions.

It’s one of my favorite sources of news on the iPad, and an overall favorite app as well. It is also one of our past selections for Best Free iPad App of the Week.

The 2.1 update came out towards the end of last week and I’m enjoying Zite even more since installing it. There are quite a number of new features and enhancements in this update but the two that stand out for me are the new History view for articles and topics in the Profile section and the ability to swipe right to close out of an individual article – which is such a lovely quick gesture.

I’m also very happy to see sharing to Google+ added back and Evernote sharing made even better.

Here’s the full change list for this big update:

You’ve spoken and we’ve listened. This update has DOZENS of new features, enhancements, and bugfixes that make Zite better than ever.
New features:
· History for articles and topics! See a list of articles you’ve read and liked, as well as a full list of your liked topics (just open the Menu and hit ‘Profile’)
· By popular demand, we’ve brought back swipe left to go to the next topic on iPhone
· Swipe right in the reader to close it (new on iPad)
· LinkedIn sharing has returned
· Google Plus sharing has returned
· We’ve also significantly expanded Evernote sharing capabilities. You can now pick your notebook, enter tags, and a summary of the article will be saved instead of just the url

· Made thumbing up/down MUCH less likely to activate accidentally
· Visual enhancements to article layout on iPhone and iPad to improve readability
· Performance improvements to web mode
· Performance improvements to images
· Topics you like will have a heart displayed next to them throughout the app
· It will be much less likely for an article title to be truncated
· Multi-image stories will be much less likely to display two of the same image
Bugs we squashed:
· When the app displayed a blank screen when closing an article
· When an article opened to a blank page instead of content
· When Zite got stuck in the wrong orientation after playing a video
· When sound didn’t play on video playback
· When the app crashed during certain Quicklist re-order operations
· When you blocked a source, but still saw articles from that source in Your Top Stories
· When you thumbed down an article and it was still there after Zite refreshes
· Tons of minor bugs too numerous to mention

The app also has a shiny new icon, which I’m also a fan of – as I think it helps the app stand out a bit better on the iPad home screen.

Zite App Icon

Here’s an App Store link for Zite; it’s a free app and a universal app designed for both the iPad and iPhone.

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