Zite for iPad Updated – Improved Recommendations & More

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Zite for iPad

The Zite app for iPad has been updated today, to Version 2.3. Zite is one of the leading news magazines apps for the iPad and learns from your interactions and tailors the content for you as you go along using it. I’ve seen many apps that claim to do this sort of thing, but Zite is by far the most effective at it.

This latest update is focused on further improving the app’s recommendation engine and tweaking the UI to make it even easier to use and to find the best content more quickly. Here are the new features listed for the 2.3 update:

· We’ve made huge improvements to our recommendation engine to ensure that the stories we deliver are a good match for your interests.
· Articles that you’ve read before will be greyed out (synced across all your devices).
· We’ve enhanced some articles with pull quotes.

Zite Top Stories

You can see an example of the new greyed out read items in the two screenshots above. The one at the top of this post shows one of the Top Stories pages before I’d read any of its articles. The one just above this paragraph shows the article at the bottom right, about the Rdio app for iOS, has been read. I like this feature.

Here’s the remaining list of tweaks and bug fixes in this update:

· It’s now easier to add new topics to your Quicklist, and you’ll now see a counter indicating your liked topics when you like a new topic.
· Article sources now appear in the topic drawer below an article.
Dead bugs:
· Fixed issues preventing sharing to Evernote.
· Fixed a rare issue where the back button could get disabled when visiting links from within an article.
· Made sure you can always tap the status bar to scroll to the top of a section on iPhone.
· Fixed a few rarely-occurring crashes.

Zite story page

Zite is one  of my most-used news apps on my iPad (and now on my Android smartphone as well) and a recent pick as Best Free iPad App of the Week. So of course it’s great to see it continuing to enhance its recommendations and make the UI even better to work with.

Here’s an App Store link for Zite; it’s still a free app.

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