Beautiful iPad Portrait of Morgan Freeman – But Not ‘That One’

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Morgan Freeman iPad Painting

If you’ve got an internet connection and you’ve spent more than 2 minutes on the web over the last week you’ve probably seen the portrait of Morgan Freeman painted on an iPad. The one that’s been dubbed ‘the world’s most realistic finger painting’.

It was done by the wonderful Kyle Lambert, whose work I featured way back in 2010 at my little iPhone and iPad art site.

Well, here’s another great example of superb portrait work done on an iPad, of the same subject. The one shown above is the creation of another favorite iPad artist, Michael Acosta – and shared to our Google+ iPad Art community.

Here’s Michael’s brief description of the piece:

My tribute to Morgan Freeman- done on my iPad using the app Paper by Fiftythree

Two things spring to mind for me when I admire this portrait. Morgan Freeman has one heck of an epic face, full of character – and there are a whole lot of talented artists creating great things on the iPad.

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