Featured iPad Artist: Hotel Midnight

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My LIfe in Art by Hotel Midnight

Today’s iPad Art is from an iPad artist whose work I’ve recently discovered on Flickr and I’m captivated by – her Flickr handle is Hotel Midnight. I know all (or certainly most) images have some backstory behind them, but Hotel Midnight’s stories just leap off the page for me – her paintings feel like books with a killer first few sentences that have you gripped right away.

Anyway, my words don’t begin to do her artwork any justice – but luckily hers absolutely do, so I will share them here. The painting above is titled ‘My Life in Art’ – here’s the description:

A life of drawings. I’ve been doing them as long as I remember. I kept them, ripped them up, sold pages, and thankfully saved some. Not everything I did was “fine” art. I reserve the right to trash my work. Whenever I haven’t it has come back to haunt me like Banquo’s ghost at the table. Now my iPad allows me to have my cake and eat it, too.

SketchbookPro, Pixlromatic

I don’t know which I love more – the image or the words.

Next up is ‘The Tulgey Club’ – along with Hotel Midnight’s description:

The Tulgey Club by Hotel Midnight

It’s a secret hotspot. It’s where all the White Rabbits, The March Hares, Door Mousies, and flamingoes go. Make sure you have a reservation or there won’t be a place at the table. All together now: move down one place! SketchbookPro with a little help from Aliensky

And finally an image that resonates for me because it’s a big-time landmark in my hometown – ‘Deep Eddy’

Deep Eddy by Hotel Midnight

Down, down, down….Jujubees Don’t float.
90% SBP with a swish/water pattern from Procreate.
Neon patterns come from 3 signs + additions/changes

I easily could have picked so many more pieces to share here and could happily spend a day taking in Hotel Midnight’s work. I find the ‘My Life in Art’ image incredibly powerful – though I’m about as artistic as a lump of clay I feel like that image must speak to all artists. My 10 year old daughter is extremely artistic and I can’t wait to show her that one.

If you have even a passing interest in iPad art, or art in general, you should go see Hotel Midnight’s Flickr stream and plan on spending a while there.

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