iPad Art: Between Dream and Believe

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Between Dream and Believe iPad painting

Today’s featured iPad painting is ‘Between Dream and Believe’ – what a great title. It was created by Hotel Midnight, aka Deborah McMillion. Here’s the brief description / backstory from the artist herself:


Somewhere out in the Milky way a signpost recalls another get away at the Outer or Twilight. If only to get away from the Corner of No and Where.

A loving nod to Dance inspiration.

This selection was made by my daughter, who just turned 12 this week. She is if anything an even bigger fan of Hotel Midnight’s work than I am. Can’t argue with the (sort of still) birthday girl, and also I think Between Dream and Believe is a pretty spot-on title for a 12 year old’s pick.

If you want to become a huge fan of her work too, then check out the Hotel Midnight Flickr stream.

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  1. Well, I cannot resist saying Happy Birthday to your daughter and such a wonderful fan. Give her my best and if I’d known I’d have sent a virtual cake. Still can! :-)

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