iPad Art: Don Diego with Amoeba Nose

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Don Diego with Amoeba Nose by Roberta Hancock

Our featured iPad painting for this fine summer Sunday is titled ‘Don Diego with Amoeba Nose’ and is the creation of Roberta Hancock. The image was created on an iPad (of course) using the Procreate app.

I love dogs of nearly all breeds and especially Labradors. Don Diego is one heck of a handsome dog and reminds me a lot of my huge, handsome Black Lab. His brown eyes are very intent just like my guy’s – and now I am very curious to see what his real nose looks like.

To see more of Roberta Hancock’s work please check out her Hurricane in a Box Flickr stream.

You can also find lots more incredible iPad paintings to enjoy in our own iPad Art section.

Patrick Jordan

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3 thoughts on “iPad Art: Don Diego with Amoeba Nose”

  1. How fun to see Roberta’s work here. She is one of the fastest quick Learn “students” I’ve had. Passed me on vector we’ve been exchanging technique now as equals. This one is brand new to me. Wonderful!

  2. Thank you Patrick! What a delightful surprise! Your article reached me along with much needed rain in Phoenix, so this was a double whammy day for good news!
    I will paint a proper Diego nose just for you soon ;)!

  3. Deborah – with there was a Like or Plus 1 button on here – I’d be +1ing the heck out of your comment.

    Roberta – my pleasure, I really do love that painting and he really does look a lot like my big fella – especially his eyes. If you feel like it, do a search on this site for Deputy Editor Dawg and you’ll see my lovely pal.

    I definitely look forward to seeing Diego with a proper nose.

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