iPad Art: Hello Summer

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Amanda by Pilar Humada

Today’s featured iPad art is a double-dose of images that will make you want to head for the nearest beach right away. Here in Austin, Texas we’ve already reached the time of year where temperatures are at the ‘touch the steering wheel, burn the flesh off your hand’ level – so a beach sounds awfully good to me.

The painting above certainly doesn’t make the beach any less appealing. It’s titled ‘Amanda’ and is the work of Pilar Humada. It’s hard not to find that image just captivating. The woman and the location look equally beautiful and peaceful. OK, maybe not absolutely equal, but close.

Here’s one more lovely summer painting from Pilar Humada:

Seascape by PIlar Humada

This one is titled ‘Seascape’. I love the light and warmth in this piece. It looks like a perfect spot.

Both paintings were done freehand using the Ibis Paint app.

Check out Pilar’s Flickr photostream for more of her beautiful iPad paintings. And take a look at our iPad Insight Flickr group to see more great iPad art or share some of your own.

Hope you’re all enjoying a warm summer Saturday.

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