iPad Art: Herb (Jurassic Park, the quiet movie)

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Today’s featured iPad painting has got a title that’s as much fun as the image itself: ‘Herb (Jurassic Park, the quiet movie)’. It’s the work of Deborah McMillion, aka Hotel Midnight, who creates striking and lovely iPad art with some of the very best back stories and descriptions to accompany them.

Here’s her story on this one:

I loved dinosaurs as a kid, well, who didn’t? But my favorites were the herbivores. The brontosaurus as it was called.

The best part of Jurassic Park was the opening scene where the giant barosaurs were grazing. I want one more movie where the “park” has been redone as a preserve and they just show scenes like that.

I agree on all counts there – and it seems like every few years the fossil of an even more incredibly gigantic herbivore is discovered. So there should plenty of material for that movie.

You can lots more of Hotel Midnight’s beautiful artwork and clever stories at her Flickr stream.

And if you’re in the mood for discovering more great iPad paintings, check out our own iPad Art section.

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