iPad Art: Just Another Fairytale

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Just Another Fairytale

This week’s featured iPad art piece is titled ‘Just Another Fairytale. My daughter helped me choose this one. She was looking through images with me and liked quite a few. Then she spotted this one and she absolutely loves it – and the selection process was no longer a contest.

This was created by Cheeky Raffy using the Procreate app.

I’ve featured Cheeky Raffy’s iPad paintings here several times before. He’s become one of my favorite iPad artists. I love the way his images are not just beautiful, but always have such a sense of whimsy and fun to them. And the way there’s always so much going on in his works, so many little things you spot as you look closer and longer at one of his images.

My daughter appreciated some of those same things – and just found it a gorgeous image.

You can see more of Cheeky Raffy’s great work at his Flickr stream. He’s also a regular contributor at the iPad Insight Flickr group and at our Google+ iPad Art community.

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