iPad Art: Let the Light Shine

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iPad painitng Let the Light Shine

Today’s featured iPad painting is titled ‘Sic Luceat Lux’ – a Latin phrase which translates to ‘Let the Light Shine’.

This is one of the latest iPad finger paintings by Andrew Harrison – created with the Brushes app. I was immediately taken with this image when I saw it in our Google+ iPad Art community, and I was very curious to know who was the subject of this lovely portrait. Here’s the answer, and a little background on the painting:

It was done in two days I actually found the picture on the web and liked it straight away it’s royalty free unknown sitter.I had too make a lot of the features up on it.I used Brushes and an iPad air.

Check out Andrew Harrison on Google+ to see lots more of his iPad artwork. And of course you can see more lovely iPad paintings in the iPad Art section of iPad Insight

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