iPad Art: Pandora’s Answer

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iPad Painting Pandoras Answer

‘Pandora’s Answer’ is today’s featured iPad painting. It is the work of Hotel Midnight, one of my favorite iPad artists. This iPad painting is a perfect example of why I enjoy her work so much. The image itself is striking and whimsical, and the very clever backstory makes it even more compelling.

Here’s that backstory and a mention of the apps used in creating the image:

The thought problem Schrödinger’s initiated also involved his “cat”. My thought problem also involves the cat. It ought to have a name if it’s so famous. My suggestion is Pandora. She also had problems with a box. SketchbookPro, InstaVintage FX, .

To see more of Hotel Midnight’s iPad artwork, check our her Flickr stream.

And of course you’ll find even more great iPad paintings in our own iPad Art section.

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2 thoughts on “iPad Art: Pandora’s Answer”

  1. Despite the popularity of the Schrödinger’s Cat imagery on tee shirts no one asks “what’s her name”. What, no, it’s a thought problem! The follow up is what was Pavlov’s dog’s name. In a world that uses pet names for passwords I have to ask “what are their names?” (Pavlov’s dog: Quasimodo. Both had a thing for bells.) Too fun. thanks!

    1. Ha, that’s so great. But now … I am eagerly awaiting the Pavlov’s Dog painting. Oops, Quasimodo I mean. :)

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