iPad Art: Puente de Triana, Sevilla

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Puente de Triana Sevilla by Pilar Humada

I’m about as artistic as a lump of coal, but I’ve always appreciated great art and admired the heck out of those who create it. Given my huge interest in the iPad, I’ve been fascinated to watch as a growing number of both traditional and ‘digital’ artists have embraced the Apple tablet as not just one of their tools, but as their primary canvas in recent years.

I’ll share some great iPad art here each weekend, and I hope some of you will become fans of it too, or better still be inspired to create your own art on the iPad.

This week’s featured iPad art is titled ‘Puente de Triana, Sevilla’ – and is a view of the Triana bridge in Sevilla of course. I love cityscape images and especially those that include a striking bridge like this one. This was painted on an iPad by Pilar Humada – using the Ibis Paint app.

I only just discovered Pilar’s iPad artwork a couple of months ago and she is already one of my favorite iPad artists. You can see more of her superb artwork at her Flickr photostream.

If you enjoy iPad art, or want to share some of your own, you may also want to take a look at our iPad Insight Flickr group and the iPad Art Google+ community.

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One thought on “iPad Art: Puente de Triana, Sevilla”

  1. I like art and enjoy looking a great works. But, Puente de Triana, Sevilla, the reflections in the water are not consistant with the bridge or the lights. It’s just all wrong. The more I look at it, the more I question.

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