iPad Art: Sanctuary Baby!

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Sanctuary Baby iPad Painting

Today’s featured iPad painting is titled ‘Sanctuary Baby!’ and is the work of Hotel Midnight – who has become one of my most favorite iPad artists. I always find her iPad paintings striking and powerful, and I’ve also come to hugely appreciate the wildly creative inspiration and back stories that accompany the images.

Sanctuary Baby is a perfect example of that sort of combo – here’s the brief description provided by the artist:

Challenge Accepted! You think Schrödinger’s cat had it bad? The for real Pavlov’s dog(s) had it worse. Did we really, really need to know the drool response? Rescue in hand, this dog is now Quasimodo. Your bells offer peace at Notre Dame from now on.

Also, damn that’s a handsome dog. I’d give it sanctuary any day of the week.

To see more of Hotel Midnight’s wonderful artwork, visit her Flickr stream.

And of course you can also see more great iPad art from a number of artists in our own iPad Art section.

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2 thoughts on “iPad Art: Sanctuary Baby!”

  1. You knew when you asked what my concept of Pavlov’s dog would be I’d just have to do it. Gauntlet retrieved and returned. The breed is a Baikal Katti husky. Apparently they are very talkative. Pavlov’s research was pretty grim so let’s keep eyes on this pleasant scene at Notre Dame. I tend towards bull terriers for their weird looks but I couldn’t resist this golden dog.

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