iPad Art: Selfie, Not

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Selfie Not iPad Painting

This may be my new favorite title for an iPad painting. It’s called ‘Selfie, Not’. Here’s why, via the artist’s description of the image:

Before smart phones with turn around cameras there was the self-timer. Spinning and whirring it snapped seconds after you decided to relax.

The iPad artists who created this one, as you might already know if you follow our iPad Art posts, is Deborah McMillion – aka Hotel Midnight. I’ve often said how much I enjoy her short back stories on her iPad paintings – and this one is another great example of why.

I also love the iPad painting itself. Love the spiky hair on the three ladies in the foreground, the photographer’s smile, and all the fun things going on in the background.

To see more of McMillion’s great iPad paintings, and accompanying words, check out her Hotel Midnight Flickr stream.

And of course you can explore and admire lots more great iPad paintings in our own iPad Art section.

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