iPad Art: Solar Powered

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Torn Sunset by A Harrison

Today I’m continuing our new iPad Art series of weekend posts featuring some of the incredible art being created on iPad. I’ve been and admirer of art created on iPads and iPhones for years now and I hope some of you will enjoy it too.

Today’s iPad painting picks are all solar themed, starting with the ‘Torn Sunset’ image shown above. This one is by A. Harrison. It was created as a free hand drawing with the Sketch Club app.

Here are three more solar themed iPad paintings for this week:

Solar Power by hgberk (Helene Goldberg) – created with the ArtRage app:

Solar Power by hg berk

Catalan Beach 15 and Catalan Beach 18 – both by Albert Viladrosa and both done in the Paper by 53 app:

Catalan Beach 15 by Albert Viladrosa

Ctalan Beach 18 by Albert Viladrosa

All of these images were originally shared to our iPad Insight Flickr group. Check it out if you have a chance, and by all means share some of your work if you’re creating art on an iPad.

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