iPad Art: The Flowers

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iPad Painting The Flowers

November isn’t the most flowery time of the year, at least not where I live anyway. So what better time for a lovely bit of flowery iPad art – like today’s featured iPad painting ‘The Flowers’.

It’s the work of Deborah McMillion, aka Hotel Midnight. Here’s her intro to the painting:

And so begins another tale. This is not about antique meanings of flowers but the stories of the Flowers themselves. Flowers that live and breathe around us. That are so beautiful but…Wish. To. Survive

Well, that sounds like fun theme to me. I also just love the colors in this one – from the flowers to the young lady’s blouse, to her pretty green eyes.

You can see more of McMillion’s work at her Hotel Midnight Flickr stream.

If you’d like to browse the work of many great iPad artists, then you should check out our own iPad Art section.

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2 thoughts on “iPad Art: The Flowers”

  1. I was profoundly affected by Dr. Elie Sattler in JURASSIC PARK: “You have plants in this building that are poisonous, you picked them because they look good, but these are aggressive living things that have no idea what century they’re in, and they’ll defend themselves, violently if necessary.” Lately I’m seeing oleander forced into tree shapes everywhere and it is rather a strange joke to remember her words. Thanks!

  2. Hey Deborah – thanks for the comment. I love hearing the story / inspiration behind your artwork.

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