iPad Art: Tio Salamanca from Breaking Bad

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Tio Salamance iPad painting

This week’s featured piece of iPad art is this stunning portrait of Tio Salamanca from the hit TV series Breaking Bad.

It’s the work of Michael Acosta, whose work has been shown here several times. Here’s what Michaal had to say about the image when he shared it to our iPad Art Google+ community:

DING Hector ‘Tio’ Salamenca from the show “Breaking Bad”- done on my iPad using the app Paper by FiftyThree. This is another contribution for Raheem Nelson’s upcoming Breaking Bad project.

I think the portrait is incredibly life-like. I can just about hear the ding ding sound of Tio’s bell when I look at this. It’s the perfect reminder that the final episodes of Breaking Bad start airing just a week from today.

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