iPad Artists: Raheem Nelson

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Heisenberg by Raheem Nelson

I myself am about as artistic as a lump of coal, but I’ve always appreciated great art and admired the heck out of those who create it. Given my huge interest in the iPad, I’ve been fascinated to watch watched as a growing number of both traditional and ‘digital artists have embraced the Apple tablet as not just one of their tools, but as their primary canvas in recent years.

I’ll share some great iPad artwork here each weekend, and I hope some of you will become fans of it too, or better still be inspired to create your own art on the iPad.

Today’s featured iPad artist is Raheem Nelson. Nelson is an accomplished artist who started out creating and publishing his own comic books at a young age, moved into cartooning and now works exclusively on the iPad.

The image above is ‘Heisenberg’ – Walter White’s alter-ego on the excellent Breaking Bad TV series. It was made using the Procreate app.

Next up is ‘Dark Knight’, created in the ArtRage app and described like so by Nelson:

I’ve been meaning to paint Christopher Nolan’s version of Batman since The Dark Knight Rises came out in July. There were so many hours put into this painting that I lost track. The estimate is at least 20 hours over six sittings. The original version I posted to Facebook had a cowl that was too thick and shoulders that weren’t wide enough. Thankfully my friend, Chris, caught this and let me know something was off. As careful as I was measuring proportions the whole time sometimes another pair of eyes can be a good thing. Now maybe I can get that Hans Zimmer Batman theme out of my head.

Dark Knight by Raheem Nelson

And here’s ‘Catwoman’, and Nelson’s comments on it:

The follow up painting to The Dark Knight. This is the Anne Hathaway version of Catwoman. The anatomy was the hardest thing about this painting and it went through several iterations over many different sittings. I had to measure the proportions very carefully to pull over a solid sketch. The costume hatching came from what I learned about painting Batman. I was going to leave her unblended but the rough brush strokes didn’t work for her features like they did for the Batman painting. The background is more abstract than the photo reference. I think it helps her stand out more. The snow brought the subject and the background together.

Catwoman by Raheem Nelson

Nelson has also published a great book , full of his iPad paintings, on his journeys between New Haven and New York during the course of his art studies. The book is title ‘Through the Elm to the Big Apple’. Here’s an iBookstore link for the book.

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