Apple Release New eBook for iBookstore – ‘iPad at Work’

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Apple has released a new eBook in their iBookstore – iPad at Work. The description for the new eBook is short and somewhat sweet:

iPad transforms the way you work. Learn how iPad features and applications can help businesses get the job done.

It’s clearly a book aimed at showing that the iPad is much more than just a device for ‘consumption’ and that it’s a very capable tool for business users. The main sections cover topics like Access and Manage Documents, Powerful Presentations, Mobile Meetings Made Easy, Notable Notes, Convenient Collaborations, and Profile Snapshots. Profile Snapshots are very short case study type overviews of how 10 companies are using the iPad in their business.

I downloaded the app a short while ago and I have to say one of my early impressions is that this is a very, very un-Apple-like eBook. The text on its pages is not sized well for viewing on the iPad – it’s too small. I took a quick glance over at a couple other iBooks titles I have – the iPad User Guide by Apple themselves and Enchantment by Guy Kawasaki, and confirmed that both of those have far, far better and more iPad-like designs. This latest Apple title really looks like one of those quick-fire PDF translations that some of the poor iPad magazine titles have offered up.

It’s rare that Apple releases an app or product that looks shoddy, but my clear first impression is that this eBook falls into that category.

I’ll spend more time with the eBook and likely do a proper review of it sometime soon.

Here’s an iTunes link for iPad at Work; it’s a free eBook.

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