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iPad in Business Integration

Apple’s iPad in Business web pages offer a strong reference resource for those looking at how the iPad may fit into their business. The main sections within these pages include:

iPad at Work: A section with advice and suggestions on how to streamline business tasks, eliminate paper-based processes, and improve office efficiency using the iPad and specific iPad apps. This includes recommended apps for specific tasks – Apple’s own apps get a lot of play here as well as some well-know third party productivity apps.

Integration: This section is all about deploying iPads in a corporate setting. There are deployment guides and information on security, MS Exchange, VPNs, enterprise WiFi networks and more.

Apps: A set of recommended apps for business. This one has some overlap with the first section but also has a section on in-house developed apps.

United Airlines iPad in Cockpit

Profiles: This section is a large set of case studies on companies and organizations using the iPad. They include United Airlines, a California vineyard, a law firm with 180 attorneys and 400 staff, BBVA (a huge banking and financial group based in Spain), The Benetton fashion company, an urgent care facility in St. Louis, Hyatt Hotels, a city police department and more.

I imagine these pages should serve as both a good starting point for organizations planning an iPad deployment and a useful ongoing reference for those

who have already rolled out the iPad.

Here’s the link to these pages:


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