iPad at Work: at Lebron James’ New Clothing Store

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Looks like the iPad has decided to take its talents to South Beach.

Well, Lebron James has decided to make use of its talents in his new hometown that is. No less than 45 iPads are being used in Lebron James’ new ‘Unknwn’ store at the Aventura Mall in South Florida. Unknwn is James’ ‘interactive apparel’ store – where the 45 iPads are being put to use as wall-mounted kiosks placed next to each pair of sneakers on a wall of sneakers.

Each iPad kiosk offers shoppers access to a wealth of information for each shoe including stylish clothing and sneaker combinations, sneaker pricing, and technical specifications.

The iPad kiosks are there to both entice and assist shoppers in Unknwn, just as they are in Apple stores – and will even be offering advice on what sort of clothes to wear in tandem with each pair of sneakers.

The iPad wall mount enclosures used at James’ new store are provided by iPad Enclosures.

I wonder how long before one of those iPads gets hacked to show highlights of last year’s NBA finals.

Spotted this story via The iPad Fan

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