iPad at Work & at Risk: at a Badass Swordplay and Martials Arts Center

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I enjoy writing regular posts on the iPad at Work, as I believe it’s an incredibly capable and versatile device and it’s fascinating to me to see how it’s being put to so many different uses in all sorts of work environments.

Today’s work study is on how the iPad is put to use at the Academie Duello in Vancouver Canada. Academie Duello is touted as North America’s foremost destination for the study of European swordplay and martial arts. That includes workshops and programs that cover the arts of the rapier, longsword, knife, pole weapons, and more. Like I’m going to turn these guys down when they approach me with an iPad at Work story. Smile

Aside from the fact that I’m not in the habit of turning down requests from badass Canadian martial arts / deadly pointy weapons experts, they’ve also got quite a cool iPad at Work story to share.

I have to admit that a martials arts / swordplay training center is not top of the list when I think about places the iPad could be put to work. Devon Boorman, a Director at Academie Duello, explained to me in an email exactly how it fits in at the academy:

We use a wall mounted iPad at the school for two purposes:  1. to run the app
Ultra Timer, that allows us to create highly customized series of
timers we use for motivating our students in our fitness programs.  2.
With Good Reader to look at pdfs of historical manuscripts and books
on sword fighting that range in age from 100 to 500 years old.

The iPad has been an invaluable and highly accessible tool for our
instructors and students.  Unfortunately being an environment that is
rife with sword fighting I suppose a little collateral damage was to
be expected …


Ah yes, a dented iPad. Who would’ve thought that kind of thing could happen in a room full of swordplay students? The good news is that dented iPad is apparently still working flawlessly after its little run-in with a scary weapon.

I wonder whether Devon and the team at Academie Duello will expand the ways in which they use the iPad. For instance, I would think it could potentially prove useful to show videos of moves and techniques being covered in classes, or of recent training or tournament bouts.

I’m also thinking that Devon might want to consider some further protection for his iPads while they’re at work; not your Otterbox variety protection, maybe more like a little bit of body armor? I mean, give a hard-working device a little help right?

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