iPad at Work – Controlling a Ridiculously Cool Super Yacht

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Adastra Catamaran Yacht

Wow. Forget all about those RC helicopters controlled by iPhones and iPads. Check out what a cool toy boat the iPad can control. Well, not so much toy boat, more like a ridiculously cool ‘Super Yacht’ called the Adastra.

Here’s a little intro of the Adastra at Born Rich:

Last year, we had spoken of the luxury yacht Adastra which was commissioned by a Chinese couple. Now, the water borne luxury vessel has seen the light of the day, after being unveiled in Zhu Ha, China, and already being pitched as one of the ‘world’s most amazing superyachts’, by Boating International. After having worked on it for 5 years, designer John Shuttleworth would certainly be a relived man, as it was apparent at the unveiling recently. A total of 42-meters long and carrying along a $14.5 million price tag, this luxury yacht are here to redefine the term ‘futuristic sea travel’ by quiet the margin.

The yacht can take up to 9 passengers and a crew of 5. And yes, apparently it’s said to be controllable via an iPad – within a distance of 50 meters from the yacht. Apparently the iPad is used to keep an eye on the functionality of the Adastra as well as to provide additional security.

I wonder if the crew includes a captain, first mate, chef, and iPad guy/gal. I’m thinking that’d fall into the nice work if you can get it category.

For lots more detail on how luxurious and super the Adastra is, check out the Born Rich post on it here: http://www.bornrich.com/ipad-controlled-luxury-yacht-adastra-unveiled-china.html

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