iPad at Work: Filming the First Music Video Shot Entirely with iPad 2’s

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The video above was shot using only four iPad 2’s – and was released within 20 hours of the release of the iPad 2. The team at Remedy Films, who produced the video, spent 8 hours in line buying their new iPads, 5 hours filming, and 12 hours editing – and they reckon this is the first music video shot entirely on iPad 2’s.

Here’s a little more background on the video, from the president of Remedy Films:

"We knew it wasn’t designed as a professional videocamera in the slightest, so we would be Stuck with whatever results we got. We probably shouldn’t have filmed in a dark setting, but it actually worked well in a "party" environment, plus it fit the song perfectly! We still treated the cameras as "professional cameras." we had one mounted to a steadicam rig, one was on a Kessler Crane Cineslider, and the other one was on a DIY hand held rig. The fourth iPad was held by Eddy for a few shots of her singing and dancing.

The song is by Eddy and it’s called ‘Need’ – you can grab it for free here: http://www.eddymusic.com/

Spotted this Via: MacStories

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