iPad at Work – for Britain’s ‘Grand Old Man’ of Pop Art

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David Hockney – one of Britain’s best-known and most acclaimed contemporary artists – has a new show in Paris. It’s called ‘Fleurs Fraiches’ (Fresh Flowers) and features his floral paintings created on iPhone and iPad. The work is displayed not on canvas, but on numerous iPads on the exhibition hall walls.

In a recent article on the show and Hockney’s conversion to iDevices, the BBC refers to him as ‘the boyish grand old man of Pop Art’. Here’s how impressed Hockney is with the iPad’s role in his art:

Who wouldn’t want one? Picasso or Van Gogh would have snapped one up …

For lots more detail on Hockney’s new show and his thoughts on art and iDevices, check out my post at my little sister site: http://justiphoneart.com/digital-art-events-and-shows/hockney-on-the-allure-of-the-ipad-for-artists-picasso-or-van-gogh-would-have-snapped-one-up/

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3 thoughts on “iPad at Work – for Britain’s ‘Grand Old Man’ of Pop Art”

  1. It is good to see that David Hockney is embracing the new and technological exciting way of doing things we have today. I know of too many artists that can't see their way past the traditional media and are proud of their luddite-ism.

    I have Art studio on my iPad and think it is a great way to create something when out and about to push further later in my own artistic creative way. I am still looking for a good vector art drawing application for the iPad though. Just need a bit of patience I feels sure that one will turn up.

    David Allen
    Mac20Q and Amazing-ipad.com

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