iPad at Work: for the Duke Men’s Basketball Team

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Image Source: SBNation.com

The Duke men’s basketball team is replacing notebook and printed scouting reports with iPads for the 2012-13 season. As GoDuke.com reports, they’ll be using 64GB models of the new iPad 3, and they’re said to be the first college basketball program to make the move to iPads.

“The Duke basketball program is always trying to equip our players and staff with the very best resources, and the introduction of the iPads is another step in that direction,” said associate head coach Steve Wojciechowski. “This new technology will help all of us work more efficiently and productively, while communicating at a higher level. We are very excited to involve the iPads in our day-to-day operations, evaluating our scouting, video analysis, schedule and game preparation.”

Here are some of the things that Duke will be using the iPads:

Each iPad will include practice schedules, weekly itineraries, scouting reports, game and practice statistics as well as an extensive library of videos (practices, games, opponents and player specific video edits). The Duke players and coaches will also have the ability to take notes on the devices during film breakdown and on scouting reports.

Interestingly, the Duke basketball team is handling the whole iPad project in-house, and they’re also not placing any restrictions on the iPads – so players can use the iPads in their non-basketball studies and install entertainment apps and even ‘the occasional game’.

Duke have been a legendary NCAA basketball program for as long as I can remember, and they have a Hall of Fame coach who ranks among the best ever. If  they’re adopting iPads I,’m sure we’ll see plenty of other top programs following suit this season and beyond. The iPad is already being used by numerous NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball teams – it wouldn’t be a shocker to see this become a trend amongst bigger college programs now.

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  1. Duke is late to the party. Ohio State and Michigan have been doing this for awhile. Ohio State has provided iPads to all varsity athletes.

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