iPad at Work: for the Military in Singapore

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How do you bolster recruiting for the armed services in a country where men already have to do two years of mandatory military service? By promising free iPads for new recruits apparently – or at least that’s what Singapore officials are hoping. They’ll start issuing iPads to new recruits in November.

The defence ministry said it will provide “about 8,000″ iPads to new recruits and is currently planning to issue the devices to other serviceman next year.

Troops will use the iPads to take photos and video when they’re in the field, to be uploaded to an online database; and also to carry out post-mission assessments. Here’s another interesting intended use for the iPads:

The forces are expected to create their own apps so that they can message each other in real-time, but also carry out group discussions, no matter where they are located.

Wow, they’re expecting their recruits to have some app skillz. Will there be any time for marching and such, or are these guys going to spend all their time hunkered down in bunkers creating apps and playing Angry Birds? (I guess the latter might be considered combat training)

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