iPad at Work: for The New York Times’ Nick Bilton, as a Hand-held Darkroom

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iPad as Dark Room

Image Credit: Nick Bilton / The New York Times

Here’s yet another way that the iPad proves its mettle as so much more than just a ‘consumption’ device. Nick Bilton of The New York Times has done a great piece on how he uses the iPad as a hand-held darkroom.

Bilton has been passionate about photography for many years and once had a darkroom in a corner of his living room. Now the iPad has taken on a primary role in his photographic efforts.

I have since retired most of my film cameras. Now, my camera bag is all digital, and my darkroom is 7 inches wide and 9.5 inches long: an AppleiPad.

The chemicals I once used have been replaced by a tiny, white USB connector that allows me to transfer my photos from any digital camera into the iPad in a matter of seconds.

I’ve told friends and colleagues for a long while now that I do much more photo editing on the iPad than on my MacBook Pro. I love the number of superb photo editing and photo effects apps that are available for the iPad, and how many of them manage to combine a wealth of powerful features with beautiful, easy to use interfaces.

Check out Bilton’s New York Times article for the whole story on how he uses the iPad as a darkroom.

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