iPad at Work: Great Video from the US Air Force Electronic Flight Bag Team

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iPad and US Air Force

The US Air Force team in charge of selecting and deploying the iPad as an electronic flight bag has produced a great video showing a number of key elements in their process, and highlighting a number of huge benefits that come with the switch to iPads.

It’s a fascinating look at all that went into the choice to go with the iPad. The sheer number of different teams from within the Air Force and external advisors working together on the project is impressive in its own right. The hurdles they had to overcome are also impressive.

Here are a few of the most striking points that caught my eye in the video:

— The project met the president’s 2011 executive order to use electronic devices to improve efficiency and reduce printing costs.

— The benefits of the move to the iPad include reduced costs, significant time savings, and enhanced safety in the cockpit.


— The team looked at over a dozen devices, and had to comply with Pentagon guidelines in their process:

One of the biggest technical hurdles was to do with Apple devices and how they do electronic security in a way that’s different to Windows. Had to go through a lot of discussion and debate in order to be allowed to work with the Apple devices.

— A number of key factors were weighed up, but …

… most of all was functionality. They had to be fast, or faster than paper reference. We had to design requirements around those key features that we liked, and then design testing criteria to those requirements.

The nearly 10 minute video is well worth watching all the way through, and it’s great to see how successful the project seems to be.

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