iPad at Work: Helping the NFL Diagnose Head Injuries

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Helmet and Brain

Image Source: http://deadspin.com/nfl-concussions/

Over the last couple of years the iPad has made a big impact in the NFL – being adopted by numerous teams to use as their playbook, and for scouting and a variety of other purposes.

Now the iPad will have a new, and perhaps most important, use in helping teams quickly diagnose head injuries – as Apple Insider reports:

The NFL will be providing each team with an iPad application designed to help teams diagnose whether one of their players has suffered concussion almost immediately following impact, ESPN reported on Saturday. … Prior to the start of the season, and at different intervals throughout the season, the system will be used on players to perform a number of tests in order to establish a baseline score. In the event of a possible concussion, team doctors will use the app to evaluate players, and the app will compare their post-hit results against their established baselines. A large discrepancy could indicate that the player has suffered a concussion, and the protocols for such an injury would go into effect.

Concussions and head injuries in the NFL have become a very hot topic in recent years, and rightfully so. It’s great to see iPads being used for this purpose and to see the NFL using technology in their efforts to better protect players.

Once again, not a bad bit of work for the ‘only for consumption’ tablet. :)

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