iPad at Work: in a Tesla Showroom

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iPad Tesla point of sale

Today I saw an iPad at work in a Tesla showroom here in Austin. The iPad is being used as a sort of point-of-sale device – even though the showroom can’t actually sell you a Tesla in the state of Texas.

My father-in-law (Dan) and I spent quite a while in the Tesla showroom today. I’m not generally a person who gets very excited about cars, but even I have to say the Tesla model we saw was nothing short of awesome. Dan sat in the car and we both ended up thoroughly impressed with it.

I was also impressed with seeing the iPad in use of course. Hit the break for a couple more shots of the iPad and the showroom …

Tesla Showroom

The showroom itself is a very nicely designed space that shows the cars off well.

Here’s a look at some Tesla iPad wallpaper:

Tesla iPad wallpaper

Thanks to Lauren and all the friendly staff at Tesla today.

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