iPad at Work: in Ford Dealerships

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Ford Motor Co. has launched an iPad deployment program to its dealerships in the USA. Following a successful 6 month pilot program at 14 dealerships, the company has gone nationwide with the program and around 140 dealerships have already signed up for it.

The iPads are being used by managers and sales consultants at the Ford dealerships. As autonews.com reports, the iPads are running a custom app called Showcase that helps sales staff.

The Showcase app can help sales staffers in several areas. It has some short, web-based instructional videos explaining new technology in Ford and Lincoln vehicles, such as the MyFord Touch infotainment system, Sync voice recognition, and Park Assist. The app also has a list of vehicles the dealership has in stock including packages, features, and window stickers.

One New Jersey Ford dealer involved in the pilot is pretty scathing when comparing the iPad to PCs:

I see no benefit to the PC versus the iPad. The PC is over, it’s just not relationship friendly. It’s a wall sitting between you and the customer.

If any of you have been at a Ford dealership recently and seen iPads in action, please let us know what you thought of the experience in the comments.

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