iPad at Work: in Germany’s Bundestag

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The iPad is apparently all the rage in Germany’s Bundestag (parliament). According to a recent Spiegel article nearly all the members are using an iPad. The trend was started by the Chancellor herself, Angela Merkel – who acquired one on a trip to California.

Many members use the iPad to send mail and read messages. "One might think Apple would have designed iPad for the Bundestag," said SPD party member Dieter Wiefelspütz. "It makes our work because we learn more quickly, answering e-mails immediately. Communication is half of politics."

The article also points out that many members are finding plenty of distractions on the iPad as well – and even becoming a little obsessed with the device.

The chairman of the Interior Committee of the Bundestag, Wolfgang Bosbach (CDU), technology sucks the enthusiasm of their colleagues. "I think some have an existential crisis if you would take away the device. Many indeed seem to have a kind of magic relationship established with this thing."

News Via: MacStories

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