iPad at Work: London Powered by the iPad

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iPads in London

London’s Evening Standard ran a recent article focused on how the iPad is ‘powering London’.

From barmen to doctors, Apple’s tablet is being used as a working tool rather than just another tech vice.

The article runs down how the iPad is being put to work in all sorts of areas in London, from the music and fashion industries to education and medicine. It details how London restaurants and bars are using the iPad for a variety of purposes – from serving up the wine list to assisting with childcare.

It notes that 31% of doctors in the UK now own an iPad, and quotes the IT director at The Great Ormond Steet childrens’ hospital:

“They can make a real difference,” says Mark Large, IT director at the hospital. “If an urgent case conference is called to discuss treatment for a sick child, clinicians can join it no matter where they are and access information.”

Check out the article in the Evening Standard for more detail on some of the ways the iPad is being put to work in London.

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