iPad at Work: Mitt Romney Using It for His Campaign Journal

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Mitt Romney iPad

It looks like no matter who wins this year’s US presidential election, they’ll be an iPad right by our next president’s side. We’ve known for some time that President Obama uses an iPad – for everything from the Presidential Daily Briefing to keeping up with the NBA.

Now we know that Obama’s Republican rival Mitt Romney also uses an iPad, as noted in a recent report by Peggy Noonan in The Wall Street Journal:

He keeps a campaign journal on his iPad: “Now this is going to make my iPad a subject of potential theft!” He used to speak his entries, but now he types them on an attached keyboard. “I’ve kept up pretty well, actually.” He writes every two or three days, so that 10 years from now he can “remember what it was like,” but also to capture “the feelings—the ups the downs, the people I meet and the sense I have about what’s going to happen. It’s kind of fun to go back and read, as Ann and I do from time to time.”

It’s great to see that both of the leading candidates for president are getting good use out of their iPads. Oh, and I do believe that Mr. Romney is using it for creation, not just consumption – based on Noonan’s article.

Thanks very much to reader Braden for sending in the photo shown above.

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