iPad at Work: for More than 25% of European Doctors

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Results from a recent study show that 26% of European doctors own an iPad and spend more than 25% of their ‘professional online time’ on the iPad.

As PMLive reports, the study by Manhattan Research was carried out in the final quarter of last year and surveyed over 1,200 European physicians (in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy) about the time they spend online at work and which devices they use.

The survey found that the iPad is used for 27% of professional internet use, compared to 55% for laptop and desktop PCs. The range of uses for the iPad sounds like it’s expanding as well.

While doctors used their iPads primarily for online referencing, reading online medical journals and watching videos, some are leveraging their iPads to manage and educate their patients.

Perhaps the most telling bit of data in the survey is this:

40 per cent of doctors surveyed said they planned to purchase an iPad within the next six months

I still haven’t seen an iPad in use at any of our local doctors or dentists offices that our family goes to. That’s probably a good thing as I’d just end up talking about iPads to whoever was using one rather than focusing on whatever had taken us to the doctor.

How about you guys and gals – have you seen iPads in use at a local doctor’s office? If so, what were they being used for?


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2 thoughts on “iPad at Work: for More than 25% of European Doctors”

  1. I’m an attorney, not a doctor, but I can tell you that, after I purchase the new iteration of iPad, that the iPad 1 will be deployed in my law office – I have set up my intake forms on it and plan to have clients fill out the intake on the iPad, directly. I anticipate that this will save my secretary about 15 minutes of time per client. Presently, we have to print the paper form, have the client complete it, and then 1) scan it into the file, 2) pull off the information and place it into the address book, the file cover sheet, and 3) create pleadings with the info. I have set up the forms through Adobe and anticipate that the return will be exported to a spreadsheet which in turn will merge through Pages into the pleadings. I cannot do that for every client as some pleadings are more complex and personal to a matter, but for uncontested matters, it will be an incredible time saver. Obviously, she won’t have to scan the info into the file anymore, and she will be able to create a cover sheet for the file with merge, too. I think that OS X will highlight the address information and will import it directly into the address book. (I haven’t tested this, yet.) All of this front office work is in addition to what I, as the attorney, use the iPad for, too. (Research, reading, document review, time keeping, financial management, email, messaging, trial.) I am a solo, so this type of automation was, price wise, out of my reach, previously. I have the Adobe software already for a different application in the office, as well as Pages, so the only additional expense is the new iPad.

  2. I am an female O&G doctor, I use my Ipad everyday at work place, home and outside. There are many medical books on my Ipad (before, I read book on my Iphone), and it’s very easy to access any professional information via my ibook or internet. I can use it to explain everything about diagnosis, treatment with my patients, even I can use some software to illustrate what I want to talk instead of paper. Really, Ipad with some apps such as note, evernote, pages and separated Keyboard almost replaced my hard notebooks.
    Moreover, I feel very interesting to update my knowlegde by some Medical app, such as Medscape, Epocrate, Skyscape…Some other medical apps like medimath, menstrual cycle calculation, estimate due date and BMI calculation help me so much in my daily work.

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