iPad at Work: Reducing Costs & Providing In-Flight Entertainment for Scoot Discount Airline

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Scoot iPad in flight entertainment

Scoot Pte, the discount airline offshoot of Singapore Airlines, is using iPads to provide in-flight entertainment and to shave costs for the fledgling airline, as Bloomberg recently reported.

The tablets helped the carrier cut 7 percent off the weight of planes obtained from parent Singapore Airlines Ltd. (SIA) even after a 40 percent increase in seating, Chief Executive Officer Campbell Wilson said. The savings will help Scoot, which makes its maiden flight today, cope with fuel prices that have jumped about 36 percent in two years.

In addition to the expected savings in fuel costs due to weight reduction, the airline is also gaining revenue by renting the iPads to economy class passengers. They’re promoting the iPad entertainment offering heavily on the Scoot site:

In-flight TV, like never before.

You’ll never again have to twist your neck to get a view of your in-flight entertainment screen. Fly Scoot and you’ll watch your entertainment the way you want to – on your very own iPad.

When you purchase Rent-a-Tablet* (for just SGD22), you’ll get an iPad2 equipped with its very own stand and pre-loaded with 50GB of the top movies, TV shows, games and music. The best part: our in-house entertainment channel ScooTV, refreshes its content library every two months to bring you the latest Hollywood releases, award-winning dramas and comedies, gut-wrenching Chinese & Korean tear-jerkers and of course, animated treats for the kids.

As long as they offer a good seat-back mount or similar, I’d be very happy having an iPad and that sort of selection for in-flight entertainment. How about you all – would you like to see iPads as an in-flight entertainment option?

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